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We have been using Pinnacle Employee Services® for over a year now and we have been impressed by their customer service, knowledge of HR issues, and how user-friendly their software has been. We upgraded from our other HRIS vendor to Pinnacle Employee Services, we are glad we did. Their platform is user-friendly and efficient. We can do so much more with regard to employee data, recruitment, and more.

We needed assistance in labor law compliance and reached out to Pinnacle Employee Services and have been overly impressed with their HR Compliance platform. Their employee handbook builder, HR forms, and HR hotline have been a lifesaver for our company. I love the HR hotline. The hotline has helped our company avoid some costly mistakes. The handbook is constantly being updated with all new laws to keep my company compliant. Pinnacle Employee Services has been a game-changer.

Diane Kamai

Manager of Finance & Administration

Tony’s Fine Foods believes strongly in complying with its federal statutory Affirmative Action and related obligations. Pinnacle Employee Services® has helped us to proactively develop sound and thorough Affirmative Action Plans consistently provided us with excellent advice and guidance on related issues and strategies, and helped to ensure that we remain compliant with our statutory OFCCP obligations.â€

“Our medical office has used Pinnacle Employee Services® since 2010. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful in every way. We wholeheartedly recommend Pinnacle Employee Services® to any company looking for superlative payroll services.” 

Fatima Griffith 
Office Manager

Shirin Dean
HR Manager

We feel that there is no HR Outsourcing company more experienced and client-focused than Pinnacle Employee Services®. Everything runs smoothly because they seem to employ the best in the business and have a high level of pride in truly removing the HR and payroll burden from small companies like ours.”

Michelle Kersten

Pinnacle Employee Services® Payroll provides Cavazos Law Firm with outstanding payroll services. In addition to their wonderful customer service, we also rely on their technical skills and expertise to help us strategize related payroll issues. We consistently receive high-quality services and I gladly recommend Pinnacle Employee Services to any business.

Dain Birkley
Office Manager

Pinnacle Employee Services® Payroll has allowed Intella 2, Inc. and MVN, Inc. the ability to utilize their resources wisely. They offer a full-service, comprehensive payroll service while simultaneously maintaining a very cost-effective product. This has allowed our organization to manage the payroll requirements for our locations efficiently and effectively. Pinnacle Employee Services® has a dynamic development department that listens to the growing needs of its payroll customers by continually offering solutions and improvements to its products.”

Michelle Smith

“We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Pinnacle Employee Services®. We have found their payroll service to be dependable, friendly, and cost-effective over the years. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company.”

Mike Ostrander

We switched to Pinnacle Employee Services® Payroll service in 2010 and couldn’t be happier. Our account manager made the transition seamless. We were with Paychex for years and never had a designated account manager and were never offered paperless payroll services. In addition to saving over 50%, we now have a point person and most of our payroll processes are paper-free. We have been thrilled with the service; our account manager is knowledgeable, friendly, and always available to answer a question. We would recommend Pinnacle Employee Services® and look forward to a long relationship with them.

Jenifer Cassell
Office Manager

I took over payroll for our company in October of 2006. The payroll company we were with at that time could not offer me the type of product our business needed.  In fact, the only help I could receive was in the area of data entry.  That is when I decided to make a change and look into working with another payroll company. I met with our sales associate and immediately knew Pinnacle Employee Services® would be the right company for me. Working with Pinnacle Employee Services® employees has been a great experience. There is always someone available when I have a question. I enjoy working with our Payroll Specialist, she is a bright woman who makes sure everything is in order for me.  Our general ledger is very detailed with splits in labor distribution allocation.  What a huge relief to know that there is always someone there to work with me who actually understands it all. Pinnacle Employee Services® helps me with complex issues, keeps me up-to-date on payroll laws in each state, delivers a 401K census for my companies at the beginning of each year, and is actually the lowest-priced payroll company in our area.  It was a lucky day for me when their sales manager walked into my door.  I now have 6 companies with Pinnacle Employee Services® and I have referred others to them as well.  Honestly, I could not ask for a better payroll company.

Christie Decelle

“Over the past twenty-five-plus years, I have worked with many different payroll vendors for our franchise. By far, Pinnacle Employee Services® has been, and continues to be; the easiest to work with, the most affordable, and the most capable of handling complex payroll and tax issues for our franchisees. Our recent conversion went very smoothly and all of my questions/issues are immediately addressed with a simple phone call. Thank you again and we look forward to a long relationship!”

Troy Feist

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