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Human Resources

HR is Essential

HR is essential to any business that has employees. Compliance and employee issues are the two challenging areas for businesses. Regarding compliance, who has time to remember all those labor laws? Pinnacle helps you handle progressive discipline, terminations, leave, and record keeping. We provide practical HR guidance and HR support on those issues. Whether you need an employee handbook, training, or an HR advisor, we have a solution for you. Our HR services will make you an HR superstar.

HR Compliance

You’re too busy running your business to research every HR and compliance rule and regulation. You don’t need to. 

To keep your business ready and resilient, Pinnacle Employee Services® offers the most up-to-date information on HR and compliance legislation in the country and the tools you need to take action. To help you understand it all, you’ll also have ready access to our experienced team of HR and legal experts. No more worrying about what you need to do or when you need to do it we’ve got you covered, all in one convenient place.


We have partnered with BambooHR to offer the #1 HRIS software for small and medium businesses. Take paperwork, spreadsheets, and data management out of the HR equation. BambooHR’s core HRIS system allows onboarding, applicant tracking, payroll, benefits, PTO, audit trail, performance management, mobile, and e-signatures.

HR Packages

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